Learning to Dive

Have you have ever watched an undersea nature programme, or perhaps seen divers while you were away on holiday?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to try the sport for yourself and experience the diverse life to be found in the sea for yourself? Perhaps you have previously been on a SCUBA course while on holiday and want to take your training further?

If the answer is yes, then you have come to the right place!!


So what do you do first?


Well the simplest way forward is to give us a call and arrange to attend a Try Dive session in the comfort of the swimming pool. This costs just £10 and if you should want to continue with training, then this charge is discounted from your joining fees.


If you have a diving qualification already, perhaps while on holiday click here.

Training with BSAC

If you discover for yourself just how exciting this sport can be, you can choose to join us at the Bermondsey BSAC, and undertake the Ocean Diver training course by attending the pool weekly. This will generally be at your own pace but typically can take about 6 to 8 weeks. This will include theory lectures which will generally be just prior to each Pool session. The branch has 6 sets of SCUBA equipment which is made available for training purposes. It can also be hired for when you start diving with us. You will be given all the advice you need to purchase your own equipment.

It costs £114 (your Try Dive fee is discounted from this) to join in the first year (this covers the cost of all your tuition material for your diver training upto Ocean Diver), and then £54.00 (2013 prices) BSAC membership in subsequent years. Your yearly "subs" also includes 3rd party insurance cover and the "SCUBA" magazine which is the official magazine of the BSAC along with a range of other benefits. In addition our branch subs are £16.50 per month to cover the pool hire charges and other minor admin fees.

For an idea of equipment prices click here.

Bermondsey Sub-Aqua Club has 11 Nationally Qualified Instructors who will guide you through the familiarisation with the equipment and the essential basic skills to prepare you for Open Water Diving in a safe and controlled manner.

However diver training needn't stop there. The Sport Diver training course will build on the basic training and provide a solid foundation through a series of structured practical lessons. You can take part in dives with another Sports Diver.

After Sports Diver, you can commence the more advanced diving training grades of Dive Leader and Advanced Diver. Dive Leader will focus on having more responsibility within a dive group, with lessons in Rescue Skills and Rescue Management. Leading a dive will give you a greater sense of participation, enjoyment and confidence. Advanced Diver will develop your skills further enable you to plan and organise dives and expeditions. Boat handling skills, chartwork and navigation will add additional skills. The BSAC consider this grade to be a fully qualified diver.

The highest diving grade is First Diver, which requires a high level of theoretical, organisational and practical diving skills.