Hey folks, so what's new and exciting for the next couple of months.


Plenty of new members recently which is great. If you're doing training make sure you check the schedule for lectures and pool lessons and also make sure you let people know if you're going to be away.


Remember to also check out the dive schedule to make sure you've got yourself down for any dives you want.

  • The Committee

    The Committee

    If you've got a job, if no one else can help and you can find them maybe you can hire the A-Team.

    Unfortunately, we couldn't find them so we've got The Committee. Be gentle they did almost volunteer!

    If you have any questions or suggestions then get in touch.

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  • Events

    We're also looking at having a social event within the next month or two to welcome all our new members and for everyone to meet up.

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  • Hints & Tips

    What's Happening

    Dives Coming Up:

    22nd March - Holborough

    23rd March - Brighton

    5th April - Shoreham

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