Our Club

Bermondsey BSAC is a branch of the largest sport diving club in the world and the governing body of the sport in the UK, the British Sub-Aqua Club. BSAC sport diving qualifications are recognised and respected around the world.

The branch was formed in 1956, within 2 years of the creation of the BSAC and is branch number 42, one of the most established branches in London.

We are based in Rotherhithe but are temporarily using a pool in Wapping; meeting every Tuesday 7.00pm until 8.30pm and Thursday 8.30pm until 9.30pm at St. George's Leisure Centre for lectures and pool training.

Branch members meet regularly and we're one of only a handful of branches in the South East of London that still regularly maintain a deep swimming pool for training. We also have an active dive programme that generally runs from March through to November (weather permitting).

  • Learning to Dive

    Learning to Dive

    Have you have ever watched an undersea nature programme, or seen divers while you were away on holiday?

    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to try the sport for yourself and experience the diverse life to be found in the sea for yourself?

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  • Equipment

    The Whole Kit-and-Caboodle

    The basic equipment you'll required to start your training will include a Mask, Fins and a Snorkel.

    These can be provided in the first instance but it will be generally expected that you buy your own as soon as possible.

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  • Hints and Tips

    Hints and Tips Image

    A BSAC Try Dive is your perfect introduction to scuba – and to the thrill of breathing underwater for the very first time.

    So if you’ve always wanted to learn to dive, are looking for a new experience or simply curious, then Try Dive with BSAC is for you.

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Who we are

We are divers. We come from a wide range of backgrounds although the one thing we have in common is a love of diving for fun. Our current branch members represent over 400 years of diving and we have qualified instructors of many levels. As such we are able to offer the vast majority of training within the branch.

For those not sure about the whole idea of breathing underwater, we also have qualified Snorkel Instructors and can offer the full range of snorkeling instruction as well. Whether you want to try out the snorkeling around the diverse coast of the UK or the more temperate climates abroad on holiday we can help you make the most of it.

As a club we meet each week at the pool for training, fitness and lectures and then often go for a drink afterwards at our local. Why not contact us and make an appointment to come along and have a chat or give it a try.